Pre Purchase Vehicle Inspections

Independent and unbiased

We can provide you with a Pre Purchase Inspection report that will give you peace of mind when you buy your next car. We inspect over 20,000 vehicles a year, so we know what we're looking for.


We're extremely knowledgeable about all vehicle makes and models

We conduct a thorough visual inspection of the vehicle. Our practical knowledge is combined with the use of specialist diagnostic equipment to provide an independent assessment of the vehicle's condition.

That puts us in a great position to assess a vehicle from an unbiased standpoint.




  • Reduce your risk - we can spot what you can't
  • You'll know and understand the condition and safety of the vehicle
  • You won't purchase someone else's problem
  • The report is independent
  • Negotiate with fair, independent, credible information

How to book

1. Enter the inspection details & select the booking time

2. Enter your contact details

Your Pre Purchase Inspection report can be emailed as a PDF or handed to you after the inspection.


  • AA Members
  • Non-Members

The inspection

We can carry out an AA Pre Purchase Vehicle Inspection for the prospective purchaser or seller of a vehicle.

Our inspectors carry out a visual and operating inspection, and check the general state of the vehicle at the time of inspection.Your AA Pre Purchase Inspection is based on the external examination of components and will identify faults which exist at the time of the inspection.

Due to the time and cost involved, it's not feasible for us to dismantle component assemblies to measure internal parts. These are evaluated by such factors as noise, operation and performance on the road. We can't identify hidden defects, intermittent problems, problems which can't be identified on a visual inspection or where parts of the vehicle would need to be dismantled. We also can't identify items which could occur after inspection. We can inspect vehicles up to 3.5 tonne (GVM).

Aspect What we inspect What we don't inspect
Exterior We inspect the chassis & panels for rust, dents, scratches and accident damage. We don't remove any covers, trim or panels.
Interior We inspect all interior trim, dash & instruments for condition and operation including the air-conditioning system. In some cases we can't assess the operation of some vehicle features, e.g. functionality of electronic memory seats.
Drive line We check for correct operation of all drive train components including the transmission, differential, CV joints etc. We don't check internal drive line components such as the differential, transmission gears, wheel bearings etc for levels of wear or deterioration
Engine We use specialist diagnostic equipment to assess the general state of the engine including a relative compression test. We don't provide a comprehensive assessment of all of the internal engine components.
Cooling system We inspect the cooling system's general operation including pressure testing for leaks and the coolant fluid condition. We don't dismantle the radiator or remove radiator hoses to check internal components.
& steering
We inspect steering and suspension components for effective operation, damage or fluid leaks. We don't remove or dismantle any suspension components.
Brakes We test brake performance under normal load conditions and check all visual brake components including brake linings where visible. We don't remove the wheels or brake drums.
Wheels We inspect wheels tyres for tread depth and general condition.
Vehicle operation We test drive the vehicle to assess the overall performance and drivability. We check aspects such as the transmission shift quality, general engine performance, drive line vibration, brake performance and road handling. In some traffic conditions we may not be able to conduct an appropriate road test. If the vehicle doesn't have a current WoF or registration at the time of inspection, we may not be able to conduct a road test.
Vehicle Weight We test vehicles up to 3.5 tonne (GVM). We don't inspect vehicles over 3.5 tonne (GVM).


Our inspection doesn't replace the need for regular vehicle maintenance. Mechanical components do wear out and items can fail unexpectedly without prior warning such as headlights, water pump and cam belt.

We also recommend regular services (and if required, repairs) for your vehicle.